My Days in Third Grade

I was placed in a third grade class for my practicum this semester. I absolutely love it. I think this is my favorite placement yet. I love the fact that the kids are more independent, are able to use problem solving skills, and are able to follow directions. They are able to handle a wider variety of activities and they are not yet obnoxious. The teacher that I have been placed with has a personality very much like mine. We both are perfectionists and we understand how the other thinks.

I love the environment that the school has. It is funny how each school has a personality of its own. There are so many cool things about this school that I like. It is very warm and inviting. The children are put first, above all else. I love the fact that I have spent two days there and have not heard or seen anyone speak an unkind word or use a harsh or rude tone of voice. I pray that I will get a position in a school like this when I graduate.

I am very excited about all the things that I am going to learn during this placement. I have already learned so much in two days. I see the importance of being flexible and being prepared. All the copiers in the school are broken right now except one. That makes things difficult! I am thrilled to see that school can be more than worksheets and lecturing, and can truly be a fun experience.


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