Junior Prom

I know if I told my son that it seems like it hasn’t been long ago that I was going to my Junior Prom he would laugh. Today as I stood looking at him in his tux I found myself wondering where all the years went and how time had slipped away quietly while I was busy living my life. I find it hard to accept that Trey is so close to adulthood. We are at the beginning of his last year at home. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital. He has grown up so fast. He started talking very young and has never stopped. He has been and continues to be a joy, although he is so much like me that most of the time we drive each other crazy.

It is amazing yet terrifying to see the man he is becoming. He definitely has a strong will and great determination. His love of reading gives me great satisfaction. I worked so hard to instill a love of reading in him and seeing him with a book in his hands almost always brings a smile to my face. I am, however, concerned about some of the choices he makes when it comes to literature. It is not that what he reads is so terribly bad; some of them just have a world view that is very different from what he has been taught. I know that I cannot protect him forever and that he has to make his own choices in life and face the consequences of those decisions all by himself. I can only turn him over to his Heavenly Father who loves him more than even I do. I pray that God guards his heart and protects him from making choices that he will regret in the future.


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