Silly G

G is becoming such a silly boy lately. Here are just a few things he is doing before I forget to write them down:

  1. He has a girlfriend at school; she will retire this year from her job as the school secretary.
  2. He has recently decided to start firing people. He looks at you, points his crooked finger in your general direction, and says “You’re fired!” He is not being mean, he just thinks it is funny. He fires T almost every night when T comes into mine and their dad’s bedroom to tell G goodnight.
  3. He just started spending the night with Nana and Gramps about three weeks ago.
  4. He likes to talk on the phone and until I bought a new phone had learned how to use speed dial to call Aunt Beck Beck and Aunt Davette.
  5. He wanted to go to the prom with T. When I told him that you have to go to school to go to the prom, he said, “I go to school Momma so I can go to the prom.”
  6. He was convinced that T was going to eat at the Waffle House before prom and wanted to go along.
  7. He still loves to swing and has recently begun to swing in a big boy swing all alone. When he can no longer hold on, he says, “My arms are getting tired,” and we stop for a minute to rest.
  8. We stayed outside the other night and mosquitoes were swarming him even after I sprayed him with vanilla. I tried to convince him to go inside but he was having so much fun I let him win and stay outside. The next day his teacher called from school and said his legs were covered in bites. When I picked him up he said, “Momma you shoulda not made me stay outside.”
  9. We had a doctor’s appointment in Atlanta on Tuesday, which was a waste of time (another story for another day). Gabriel, who didn’t have the procedure we went to get performed, convinced the nurse to give him a school excuse not only for Tuesday but for Wednesday too. He is such a charmer.

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