Today was therapy day at our house. We stayed home from school today since G convinced the nurse at his doctor’s visit to give him a two day “ma-skoose” from school even though they didn’t do the procedure we went for. Mom and son had a good morning playing together. We had a wonderfully delicious breakfast of IKEA cinnamon rolls (I didn’t say nutritious), and got dressed to go to therapy. We were actually running a little ahead so I decided to have G walk to the car using his forearm crutches that he has named “the sticks”.

Walking with those sticks is very exhausting for G and for whomever is assisting him. I was worn out by the time we made it to the laundry room. The first cute thing that came out of his mouth was, “I sure hope Miss Amy (physical therapist) doesn’t want to walk with the sticks.” I told G that if he wanted me to stay with him at therapy he had to walk really good the rest of the way to the car. He immediately started to take some good steps and was using the crutches well. I praised him and he said, “My daddy is going to be so impressed.”

There is not a day that goes by that G does not impress me. He has the sweetest spirit of anyone I have ever known. Everything he does is physically challenging for him but he has only told me that something was hard for him one time that I remember. His muscles may be weak and unwilling but he has an amazing strength of character and determination. People often tell me that G is so blessed to have been placed in our family. That is so far from the truth. The truth is that we are blessed that God chose us to be G’s family. He challenges me every day to be a better person. I admire his determination, positive outlook on life, and his tender spirit so much. I always thought that parents are supposed to pass on wisdom to their children but so many times in our family it is my children who teach me.


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