Watching the World Go By

Today as G and I were talking about his day at school, he mentioned getting to go out onto the big playground with his kindergarten class. I asked him if he played on the swings and he said, “No, I just sat and watched.” It is times like this that break my heart. I aked him if he ever gets to play with his playmates and he said, “Yeah Mommy, when you come I do.” I wish that I could always be there to give him the help he needs and deserves. I must admit that at times I have discouraged him from going out to play in the treehouse because of the difficulty of getting him out there and back. I feel so disappointed in myself. I vow to make this the best summer for my precious little boy. I am going to recapture my youth and make mud pies, play pirate, and make every day magical for my sweet little boy. I guess what makes it so hard is the fact that he is so sweet about everything. I pray that God will grant me the strength, the motivation, and the creativity to make each day the best day possible for us. After all, you only have one summer to be six years old.


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