The adorable young couple in this photo is me and my husband. It is hard to believe that 25 years have passed since that day. As we posed for that picture we had no idea what life had in store for us. We only knew that we loved each other with all our hearts and couldn’t bear to live life without each other.

That was not the best day of my life by far. I was totally opposed to having a wedding. The idea of getting up in front of all our friends and family terrified me. In fact the night before I begged J to call the wedding off and elope. He refused and assured me that everything would be just fine.

The day of our wedding I was so nervous that I couldn’t eat anything. I wanted to talk to J but everyone refused my requests saying it was bad luck. We had scheduled our ceremony for 7:00 so I spent the entire day worrying.
When the time for the ceremony neared my fear increased to the point that I was experiencing cotton mouth. I sent my bridesmaids to get me some punch but they returned saying that whoever was setting up the reception would not give them any. They brought me lukewarm water instead. I guess I don’t have to tell you that warm water was not the ideal thing to put into my nervous stomach. Soon after drinking it I began to vomit uncontrollably. It was so bad that my future father-in-law heard me from down the hall and came in to check on me.

As I continue to throw up into a waste basket the photographer’s wife burst into the room and said, “Honey, did nobody come and get you? Your bridesmaids are already in the church. I jump to my feet and gather the tail of my dress across one arm and hold my nephew’s had in the other. As we are running around the country church through a graveled parking lot a little voice says, “Uh, oh.” The flurry of activity comes to an immediate stop as we all begin to search through gravel for the wedding rings that had seconds before been tied to the pillow in DJ’s hand. So precious and handsome in his tiny tux with tails he finds the rings and we tie them once again in their place on the pillow.

We make it to the front of the church to a proud, happy, nervous, and brokenhearted daddy waiting to walk his little girl down the aisle to present her to another man. No longer will their relationship be the same. This moment marks her passage into adulthood.

If I had known then what I now know I would have spent my day differently. I would have spent some time alone with each of my parents. I would write them a letter thanking them for their love and support. I would share some time with my sister. I would find my way to my sweet groom and let him wrap his arms around me providing the reassurance that I so needed. I would not drink warm water when there was cold sweet punch waiting in the adjoining building.

The couple in that photo are not the same couple who lay in bed tonight. I am no longer that meek, quiet girl who is afraid of upsetting the plan. He is no longer the same energetic freespirited young man. We have grown in age and we have grown in wisdom as well. Wrinkles are beginning to form deeper creases on our faces everyday. We snore, his hair has turned a distinguished shade of grey, and I have not only come completely out of my shell, I actually threw the sucker away. But with all the changes that have transpired one thing remains. We still look at each other with that same love in our eyes. I know, get over it, that is so sappy. Well, it may be sappy but it certainly is true. I love you, sweetheart.

Today, Tommorrow, Always

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