Med Free

We have recently decided to take G off a medication that he has been taking for several years. It helps with the spacticity in his muscles. The doctors were less than supportive in our decision but we went ahead anyway. What I have found out during the process is that the medication is thought by some to cause cognitive delays. After coming completely off the meds I noticed that G was walking much better and wasn’t scissoring hardly any. The doctors thought the opposite would happen.

Today I decided to keep the television to a minimum (I have used it as a babysitter way too much while I was in school.)This afternoon I did allow G to lay on his bed and watch some t.v. but in a few minutes I heard him talking to himself. He was pretending which is very rare for him. He only started it last October. He was pretending to talk to Nana on the phone (his phone was his finger stuck in his ear.) It was really funny because his conversation was one sided and what he said was very appropriate. I went in to lie on his bed with him and he said get in the car Mommy we are going to Nana’s. When I pretended to get in the car he said, “Buckle up, I’m a demon.” This phrase came from The Suite Life on Deck. It was hilarious. When we “arrived” at Nana’s he said, “feel of Gramps grass.” I have no idea where that came from but I said, “Gramps needs to cut the grass it is so tall.” Apparently G didn’t like this because after we went through the same scenario a couple of times he said, “feel of Gramps grass Mommy, he cut it.” It was refreshing to see him assert his opinion on his game instead of going along with what Mommy said.


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