It’s a skunk, it’s a monkey, oh, it’s just T

Lat night Mommy and Daddy finally found a spot for the inflatable pool we bought last weekend and spent some time getting the site ready for our pool. Of course G had to try it out immediately and nearly froze to death but refused to get out until he had played. At one point he was up on fingers and toes which is quite a feat for him. Today I decided to brave the cold water and play with G in the pool. We had a great time. The water was not too cold since it had been sitting in the sun all day so Mommy actually enjoyed our play time. G was busy using his imagination again today. He kept putting his face near the water so he could look through the translucent sides. He was pretending to crawl through a tunnel. At one point he said, “look Mommy I see something. It’s a skunk.” We continued to pretend and the sightings soon turned to a monkey. After announcing it was a monkey G said, “Oh, I was wrong, it’s just T.” I’m telling you the boy is getting a serious sense of humor.


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