Strawberry Picking

Today was a wonderful spring day. It was the perfect Saturday. J, G and I went strawberry picking. It was so much fun. We set G up between two rows so that he could easily reach the berries. He squatted down and picked one strawberry before proudly announcing, “Okay, I picked strawberries, let’s go ride the train.” Contrary to his wishes we actually picked more than one berry, as you can see from the photos. We then enjoyed a delicious bowl of strawberry ice cream before heading to the train for a ride.

The train was an adorable, homemade creation that was constructed from plastic barrels that were attached to handtrucks and connected to a lawnmower. I was initially concerned about letting G ride the train because it lacked seatbelts. After a quick appraisal of the situation I determined that there was no way I would fit into the tiny train cars. We decided to go ahead and let G ride with us walking along beside the train holding his hand. G loved the ride and did extremely well balancing himself.

We made great memories today. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyday could be Strawberry Picking Day.


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