Doctor Visit

We took G for a check up at the pediatrician’s office. Children with CP have frequent bouts of intestinal problems. The doctor said she needed to do an examination that all adults cringe to think about. She began to explain to G what she needed to do and he looked straight at her and said, “That’s not happening.” He was not rude; he was just matter of fact. Even to a six year old some things just don’t seem like a good idea. Nevertheless, the exam was done, along with a blood test for food allergies. Today was not the most pleasant trip to the doctor that we have had. I did, however, come up with a brilliant idea. G is impossible to weigh. We usually weigh while holding him and then weigh without him and take the difference to get his weight. Today I brought a little camping chair for him to sit in. It barely fit on the scale but it worked and saved dad and I from the embarrassment of being weighed when it wasn’t even our doctor’s visit.


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