It’s just not going to work out

Lately G has been telling his “girlfriends” that he is dumping them. He has gone from the secretary at his school, to his parapro, among others from day to day. His parapro asked him if he had dumped her for the secretary and that is how he came to start using the term. I told him that telling them he was dumping them was not a nice way to say it and suggested that he say, it’s just not working out between you and me. I told him that on several occasions and thought it was a lost cause until tonight. We were sitting at dinner in Bela Roma when he suddenly took an interest in our waitress. He called out to me in the sweetest little voice and I asked him what he wanted. He looked at me with compassion accompanied by the slightest little smile and said, “Mommy, I just don’t think it’s going to work out between you and me.” Not only did I get dumped; but he did he use the breakup line I taught him but he also dumped me in a public place so I couldn’t make a scene. Ha Ha–too precious.


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