It is hard to believe that this adorable young couple are still madly in love almost 25 years after this photo was taken. We were six months into our marriage at the time this photo was taken. We were two naive dreamers who didn’t have a clue about life but loved each other dearly. Somehow we have kept our love alive even though most people never thought we would last. We were so young when we met. I was just shy of my 16th birthday when we went on our first date while he was almost 19. We married two months after I turned 18 and he 21. It has been a wonderful life together so far. He not only puts up with all my highstrung traits but he spoils me rotten. Sometimes I think he actually doesn’t see my faults. (Well, at least he is good at hiding it.) It is amazing how fast time slips away when you are having fun. I thank God every day that he sent me the perfect mate at the perfect time. I wouldn’t trade the life I have been given for anything. You may think that I missed out on alot by getting married so young but I see all the blessings I have experienced by meeting my soulmate so young. I wish that everyone could experience the kind of relationship I have been fortunate enough to share with my precious J. I pray that he will always see me as his Sweetpea.

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