Madea, and other adventures!!

My sweet G is getting the most interesting personality. He is one of those people who say whatever is on their minds. . . and beleive me he has a lot on his mind. We made a trip to an appointment with a new neurologist earlier this week and as always it turned into quite the adventure. We loved the new doctor and was pleased and releaved at his approach to G’s treatment.

After the doctor visit we decided since we were so close we would go to the Dekalb Farmers Market. My sister had never been before. Since we are both vegetarians we went crazy over the produce. We bought fresh white corn, green beans, and peaches. I also bought some organic blueberries and rasberries. We were all starving by the time we finished at the market and G asked for some blueberries before we got back out to the car. I poured some water over a few and thought that would be a nice treat to hold him until we could find the nearest Cracker Barrel. He loved them!! My sis and I tried them (we don’t like blueberries) and we loved them too. Needless to say I went back in the market and bought three more pints of blueberries, two more pints of rasberries, and a pint of blackberries. We all had blue mouths!!

We went through the worst rainstorm I have seen in years while on I-285. It poured for about 10 miles. I hate driving in Atlanta, and this was terrifying. We made it through what G described as a “Wash Car” (car wash) and finally arrived at Cracker Barrel. We had no more gotten out of the car when my sweet little angel yelled at the top of his lungs, “Oh, my God, I thought she was Madea,” (he was referring to this sweet little african-american lady.) My sister thought it was hilarious. The lady did have hair like Madea but it’s not something a lady would like to hear. He proceeds into the restaurant and loudly announces to the entire building, “I’m here people, and I’m going to eat 9 biscuits. He was trying to convince me to allow him to have biscuits because we recently found he is allergic to wheat. He did eat 1 1/2 biscuits before he was miserably full and then managed to force down a few bites of dumplings from my plate.

The adventures he gets us into are going to be great stories for his children if he doesn’t get us killed first. Oh, how I wish I had the love for life that my precious G has.


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