"Dusting is Not For Me"

I usually have the priviledge of waking G every morning or at least be the one who goes in and helps him get out of bed. He awakens every morning with a smile on his face. His great disposition runs through and through. From the time he awakens in the morning until that last goodnight kiss, he is happy.

This morning when I went into his room his sweet smile stretched across his face as usual. We always lay in his bed and have our morning conversation before starting our day. This morning he wanted to talk about AFV on DVD. He has been wanting to buy Season One of AFV for a couple of weeks. We decided this is a perfect opportunity to teach him about working and saving for the things he wants. His cerebral palsy doesn’t allow him to do a lot of things but he desires to be a helper so badly. He asked if I had ordered his AFV on DVD and I told him he still needs to earn more money before he can buy it. We started coming up with different things he could do to earn the money and I suggested dusting the furniture. I was very surprised and amused when he responded, “Dusting is not for me.”

The sweetness and innocence of children will never cease to amaze me. What would it be like if as children of God we held onto the kindness, gentleness, and faithfulness that children possess? It is my prayer that God will continue to transform me into the child of God that He created me to be.


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