This morning T came into G’s room while we were laying there having our morning conversation. T told me that his girlfriend was coming to our house today. I don’t remember how I figured that her parents may not know she was coming but I told T that she didn’t need to come if her parents didn’t know she was coming. G politely turned and said, “Mommy you need to quit interrupting T’s business.”

G loves women and really didn’t mean any disrespect by his statement. He simply wanted to ensure that he was able to see Ts girlfriend. Although he didn’t use exactly the correct word he did use a word that’s meaning made his feelings known.

He is growing up so fast and I find myself desperately trying to hold on to every moment we have together. I am continually having to remind myself that he is a big boy and needs to be held to the standard that a little boy should be measured by. Lord, help me to see G and T as you see them and measure them by your standard.


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