New Experiences

G began his first week in his new school on Monday. He had a really good day with no tears. He did, however, begin to tell everyone after lunch on Monday that he would not be back on Tuesday and that he was not kidding. He kept trying to convince me that he needed to stay at home and I really worried about today, but he had another great day!!

I think moving him to our “home” school was definitely the right thing to do. It is so nice to be 2 minutes from the school. I love that they have the track that he can walk on and the school is just so much more handicapped accessible. The playgrounds are much more accessible for him as well. I can’t wait until they get his swing up!!

He walked all the way around the track in front of the school during recess. His parapro said it was his idea. He told me about it when he got in the car this afternoon. He said Taylor walked with him. I asked if Taylor was a boy or a girl and he said, “It’s a girl, but she is not my girlfriend.” T started kidding him about walking with a girl and he was quick to say, “Look, it’s like this, we are not getting married.” Needless to say I am anxious to meet this girl whether she is his girlfriend or not.

G had music for activity today. Mrs. Burkhalter is wonderful. I had the opportunity to observe her last fall when I was at Glenwood for my practicum. He loved music! He said that he and Ms. Davis played the drums and that everyone applauded. I only wish that I could be there for all of these new and wonderful experiences.


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