A Servant’s Heart

My sweet G has the heart of a servant. There is not anything that I could ask him to do that he would not be willing to do. His heart is so willing to serve. It is only his body that prevents him from achieving what he so desires to do.

He has been wanting the first season of America’s Funniest Videos on DVD. We feel that he is old enough to begin learning that you work for what you want and need so we talked to him and have been finding ways for him to earn money. Yesterday I tackled the laundry room. I straightened and organized shelves and washed almost every stitch of clothing in our house.

As I was loading and unloading the dryer it suddenly occurred to me that this would be the perfect way for G to earn some money and put his servant nature to work.I placed him on the floor in front of the dryer and he pulled the clothes out and placed them in a basket. I then handed him the clothes from the washer and he loaded them into the dryer. He did all of this without complaint and was so proud when I paid him for his work.

In my busyness I frequently forget how limited G’s experiences are and fail to find ways to expand his possibilities. To be honest it is just easier to do things for him than to teach him how to do them himself. Sure it took twice as long to transfer the two loads of laundry but the lesson my son learned from the experience was so valuable. He saw that he will be capable of washing and drying his own clothes in the future. The most important thing I can give him is the ability to see his potential for success. After all isn’t that what parents are supposed to do?


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