Pure Joy

The city where we live recently built and opened a town green with a fountain as part of a celebration for the 175th anniversary of our city. This weekend has been filled with festivities to celebrate the event. The big event on Saturday was the world’s largest toga party. Well, it was attempted to be the World’s Greatest. Guinness World Book officials were in town to oversee the event. Although the record was not broken all participants had a great time. Our time at the fountain was also filled with fun as you can see from the photos.

G absolutely loves water.
His giggles filled the air and the hearts of many people that afternoon.
He was even joined by his daddy for some fun in the fountain.

We also took a break for some much appreciated cuddles.
I dread the day that those cuddles disappear.

Watching G reminds me to enjoy every minute of every day. I don’t always reach my goal, but I am learning to relax and have fun. How could I resist when I have such a great example to follow?

So, when things are looking glum and you feel like giving up, take a lesson from my sweet G. Slow down and look around you. Then when you find an opportunity to try something just close your eyes, grit your teeth and take that leap of faith. You may just find joy where you never imagined you would.

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