What the Teacher Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Her

Today was Grandparent’s Day and elementary schools all around celebrated the day in one way or another. My son’s school had receptions at different times of the day for different grade levels. His class had their reception at 9:00 this morning. He not only wanted his grandparents to visit the school but he wanted me to come along as well. My dad and I visited the classroom. The children sang a couple of songs, gave their grandparents bookmarks that say, “Thumbody Loves You” that has a bug made from the child’s thumbprint, and asked the grandparents to write a note in their journal. The children were then allowed to give their grandparents a tour of the school.

We were sitting at the table where my son sits just before the children sang when my son leaned over to me. He said, “Momma you can stay the rest of the day if you want to.” I said, “G I don’t think your teacher would let me do that.” He pulled me close, and in a whispered voice said, “Just don’t say anything and she won’t know.”


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