Pie Anyone?

This afternoon J, G, and I went out shopping for a new front door because ours has been in need of replacement since we bought our house 4 years ago. (I also had just watched Curb Appeal and saw a door that I thought would look great on our house.) We arrived at the home improvement store and were greeted by two huge boxes filled with pumpkins. The boxes were covered with images of Charlie Brown and his fellow characters. Upon spotting the boxes G yelled out, “Look, it’s the Great Pumpkin!” Of course after such a sweet discovery we had to choose a Great Pumpkin of our very own. After a short inspection of the beautiful bright orange specimens we chose our future Jack-O-Lantern and loaded him into our buggy.

A short time later as we were checking out G began to tell his dad about an episode of The Imagination Movers where they grew a huge pumpkin in the warehouse that they intended on entering in the county fair. The problem was that the pumpkin was so large that it would not fit through the door. After experimenting with several alternative solutions they decided that their only course of action was to cut up the pumpkin, cook it, and make it into a pie that they could enter in the fair instead. After telling J all about the Imagination Movers G said, “I’m going to do like the Imagination Movers and make a Jack-O-Lantern pie when I get home.” I thought his mistaken connection between halloween jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pies was too cute.

I tried to convince G that “pumpkin” pies are made from small pumpkins and that I would help him make one if he wanted. G didn’t agree with my opinion and maintained that he was going to use his “Great Pumpkin” to make his “Jack-O-Lantern Pie.” So unless he changes his mind I may just have a lot of Jack-O-Lantern pie on my hands. Pie anyone?


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