Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have never been one to jokingly refer to a bad day as being Monday. This week, however, has been unusually full of little annoying problems and mishaps. So much so that I have wondered how many Mondays in a row I will experience. It all started last Saturday. So here is my not me Monday list for my not Monday Week.

Monday # 1 (Saturday, October 24, 2009) I absolutely did not change the settings on my camera in such a way that it would not work. If I did that I would definitely be able to fix it myself without the help of a friend. So whatever David tells you don’t believe that I did anything remotely like that.

Monday # 2 (Sunday, October 25, 2009) Ignore my husband if he tells you that I was the one who totally messed up our home computer network. I would never even consider making adjustments to such an integral tool in my education without knowing what I was doing. My computer time is much too valuable for me to risk going without the internet and my printer for four entire days, not to speak of the amount of money we would have to pay to have an expert come out and fix all the problems that would create. I would estimate that would cost about $112.00. I would never risk all those problems not to mention that I would not be able to scan my son’s senior page photos which were due last week.

Monday # 3 (Monday, October 26, 2009) If anyone tells you that I received two phone calls during the middle of my first class I would be very hesitant to believe them. College students should never check their phones during class and I certainly would not. I also would not leave in the middle of class so don’t listen if anyone tries to tell you that I did. I would never skip my writing class and be happy about it; especially if it meant my son had to be picked up from school because he was running a temperature.

Monday # 4 (Tuesday, October 27, 2009) If anyone tells you they saw me at the Breast Center on this day I most certainly was not. I did not submit myself to a more in depth mammogram than necessary. A typical mammogram is uncomfortable enough, and it could not be true that I had to be tortured to an entirely new level. My husband did not have to stay home with our sick son and wait for the computer repair person to come and fix the network that I did not destroy and he most certainly did not have to pay over 100 dollars to have the network fixed.

Monday # 5 (Wednesday. October 28, 2009) I most certainly did not go to work in my pajamas, nor show up for class dressed in the same Snoopy p j s, and if anyone tells you they saw me going into Infinity Children’s Services dressed that way they should be ashamed to repeat such a thing.

Monday # 6 (Thursday, October 29, 2009) The doctor could not possibly tell us that our son should stay home from school today. I mean come on, my husband needs to work and I need to teach a lesson today. We would not have time for this kind of inconvenience.

Monday # 7 (Friday, October 30, 2009) Please don’t tell me that I ended up sleeping on a twin size Ikea bed with a mattress that feels like you are laying on a towel on top of a wooden platform alongside one sick little boy who coughed most of the night. If he tells you I stole the covers at one point in the night he must have been dreaming because I know I had to be awake the entire time. Surely I did not spend the day at home when I so needed to go to Practicum today. If I did stay at home I would have finished all my schoolwork since my network is now working. . . or was working. This could not be happening. My internet could not possibly be going in and out. I could not hear the heating unit making a weird sound. The lights cannot be dim. I must be in a terrible dream. My life could never be filled with such crazy things like this. Surely I am imagining the Georgia Power Crew setting up a transformer outside my bedroom window. I know I did not hear them say they will be back in a couple of weeks to dig up my yard, the street, and my neighbor’s yard before my power will be permanently repaired.

I know this all has to be happening to someone else. I just don’t have time for all this confusion. I know, I know, I know that my Savior loves me. I know this because in the midst of all these things I have peace. It is unexplainable, amazing, sweet peace. Now I am not saying that I have not had to go to bed a couple of times this week to cope. I did that several times but after a short rest to let me catch my breath and refocus I exited the bedroom with a calmness that does not come from my flesh. Thank you, Lord for your continual transformation. I praise you for each and every problem that I have experienced this week. You have blessed me abundantly this week so starting tomorrow if you need to, you can share some of my blessings with someone else. I promise I won’t mind and please don’t let tomorrow be Monday again.


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