The Moon Made Me Do It??

Why is it when you determine to live closer to Christ that you always get on a slippery slope? This weekend I found myself spinning out of control. I am either loosing my mind, going through menopause, or possessed. Since I am a Christian I know that I am not possessed, although I think I’ve been carrying around a fallen angel for the past few days. I know that my family has expected to see my head spin around at any moment. In fact it acrually may have while no one was watching.

I would blame my behavior on the moon, but there hasn’t been a full moon and there isn’t going to be a full moon for a couple of weeks (December 2 to be exact). Oh, well I guess I have to take full responsibiltiy for my unacceptable behavior. I have been short tempered (even shorter tempered than usual). I appologize to my three precious men. I love each of you with all of my heart. Just hang in there and maybe the more civilized version of me will return by the end of the month and the semester.


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