Perfect Summer Day

It is a beautiful day in the summer of 1982. A sixteen year old girl searches anxiously down a country road looking for a car to come into view. Puffy white clouds gently move across a sky that is the clearest, most beautiful shade of blue. There is a gentle wind blowing wisps of hair across her face. Rays of sunlight dance around her as if they too are celebrating his return. The birds are sweetly chirping because the girl’s joy has surrounded them and provided them with the inspiration for their songs.

Time seems to stand still as she waits to see the one she has been missing for weeks. Finally, a car comes into view. The anticipation builds in the young girl and her heartbeat quickens as the car approaches. After what seems like an eternity he steps from the car. He is still dressed in the BDUs he wore that morning during his graduation ceremony on the parade grounds of Ft. Knox, Kentucky. His hair is cut close and is filled with highlights added by the many long hours he has spent in the sun. That same sunlight has provided his skin with the perfect glow. His green eyes smile as they look directly into her soul.

His strong arms encircle her waist and draw her close for a long awaited kiss. Finally they are reunited, and all is right again. Her days will no longer be filled with trips to the mailbox and long hours looking for something to occupy her time without him. The remainder of her days will be spent with him, laughing, crying, fighting, forgiving, rejoicing, celebrating, loving, and remembering the perfect summer day she spent waiting for him to return.


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