Always Improving

This semester I was given two big assignments. One was a math case study and the other was a reading case study. The math assignment required me to pre-test a student, find an error pattern in their work, develop strategies and teach them to the student. For the reading assignment I used several different assessment tools to find the student’s reading level and any areas they may be having difficulty with. The assessments took up most of the time I had to spend with the students that I was assigned to work with so I have been apprehensive about how much improvement they have made.

I completed the math case study last week. The results were amazing. The student went from getting 2 out of 16 problems correct to getting 16 out of 16 problems correct. This was the easier assignment. It only required me to pinpoint one concept or procedural error the student had and help them improve in that area.

The reading assignment was the more difficult of the two. It took longer to assess the student for reading. Several different tests had to be administered and each test took a significant amount of time to complete. This only left me with about 2.5 hours (total) to “teach” the student and tutor him/her in reading. I was not sure how much improvement I would see, if any. I am almost completely finished with the assessments and I am shocked. The student has definitely made significant improvements. I, by no means take full credit for this improvement but do like to believe that I did contribute to this growth. The student is also recieving reading intervention daily from a reading teacher.

My amazement is from the great change such little effort and time on the part of me and the other teacher has provided to this child. It is a huge reminder that our actions do matter. We affect people good, or bad, whether we want to or not. No man is an island. It is my wish to do good in my lifetime and to leave the world better than I found it. Thank you God for placing me where you have at this time and in this place. Use me to touch those around me and make me ever mindful of the impact You are able to make in someone’s life through me. Remind me constantly that You are always improving me and those around me by Your Grace.


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