Today my Kindergarten class created a portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. as part of our week long study on his life. We used construction paper and told the students what shapes to cut out of each sheet of different colored construction paper. Several students whined and complained that they couldn’t cut an oval or that they didn’t know how to cut eyes. They wanted a pattern to use to cut out because they were afraid of their ability to do the task well. After much praise and encouragement they made it through the project. The results were wonderful. Each portrait was different, just as the students who created them are. There was one whose ears were place high on Rev. Kings head which made the creation resemble a puppy dog. On has a long thin face with tiny ears that looks a lot like the works of Picaso.

These creations remind me of the individuality of my students. They each have their strengths and weaknesses that are unique to them individually. They are all beautiful in different ways, none more so than the others, just differnet. I pray that my students will embrace their individuality and will feel the love that I have for them and will gain confidence and pride in their uniqueness. I pray that God will use me to make a difference in their lives and that something I say or do will empact them and that they will carry that memory with them throughout life.


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