Remembering the True Clown in the Family

Our entry into the world of clowning began way before either of us put on the first trace of make-up. It all began in earnest 18 years ago after the birth of our oldest son, T. He has always been a true cut up. I miss the days when I found him wearing gloves on his feet, pieces of paper hanging out of his mouth like Mr. Wilson in Dennis the Menace, or fully dressed in his redneck attire complete with “Bubba Teeth.” He dressed this way so often when we first bought the rubber teeth that his mouth broke out in tiny blisters from an allergic reaction. He kept me continually entertained.

My blogs usually center around my newest clown G, but that is only because he is still young and saying funny things. T is the true clown in the family and has in fact been the one who has helped to give G his direction toward comedy.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to stop and remember who our children really are as people. My focus is much too often on how clean the house is or on getting everyone in bed before midnight. I fail to stop and enjoy the person that T is. He is busy with school, friends, a girlfriend, and work. I am busy with G, school, teaching, and trying to keep us from getting buried in a cluttered house. I hope that the next time I get so aggravated at my teenage son I stop and picture him looking like the photo below and instead of getting mad, laugh instead. I love you Trey.

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