Adventures of the Bear Family

Okay, hold on and try to stay with me cause this one is a doozy. It started yesterday when T picked up G at school which he does every Monday since I have a class on Monday nights. As soon as G saw T he burst into tears. T consols him as best he can but soon becomes very upset himself. The brother bear is almost or maybe even worse than the Mama Bear. So, T calls Daddy Bear and says something happened to G at school and I can’t figure out what. He is ready to go back to the school and defend his little brother. Daddy Bear calms Brother Bear down and it is decided that the matter will be sorted out when Daddy gets home.

Daddy arrives at home and talks to Brother Bear and Baby Brother Bear. Baby Brother Bear exclaims, “They got onto me in the lunchroom for unlocking my wheels on my wheelchair. The teacher said something and I needed to tell her something so I was only trying to talk to her and she got mad at me and put me in time out.” So, Daddy Bear explains that tomorrow he will talk to Baby Brother Bear’s teachers (notice the plural–he has too many to count). So for the moment the problem is under control.

Upon arriving at school teacher #1 and teacher #2 said they didn’t know what happened yesterday because they were not in the lunchroom during car riders yesterday. They explained that they would ask around and find out what happened. Problem solved. Until. . .

Daddy Bear gets a phone call. Baby Brother Bear is crying unconsolably at school and has been for an hour or so off and on. Just as any Prince of a Daddy Bear would do he heads to the school to see what is wrong. When he arrives at the school he sees 4 (yes, I meant to type 4) of Baby Brother Bears teachers in the hallway. They tell him that Baby Brother Bear has been ignoring his teachers when they ask him to unlock the breaks on his chair. He ignored teacher #3 yesterday for 15 minutes and teacher #4 today for 20 minutes and remember he is very capable of unlocking them because he did it yesterday in the lunchroom when he wasn’t supposed to. So, Daddy says bring the Baby Bear to me.

Baby Bear is rolled into the hall by teacher # 5. When he sees that Daddy Bear is at school he is thrilled. Daddy Bear kneels down in the floor and begins to converse with his cub. “Boo Boo do you know that teacher #1 loves you?” Little Bear nods his little head. “Do you know that teacher # 2 and # 3, #4, #5, #6 and # 7 love you?” Again his question is answered with a nod. “Now you know that they want to help you, and keep you safe, and teach you all the things that you need to know, don’t you?”

Baby Bear begins to look around meeting the eyes of each of the (now 5) teachers gathered around him in the hallway. “Yes, Daddy I know they love me.”

“And you love them too, don’t you, Baby Bear?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Okay, Baby Bear, its time to go back to class and do the things that your teachers say you need to do. I love you, be a good liitle Bear and have a good day.”

“Okay Daddy, I will!” And then he rolls himself back into the classroom enthusiastically.

His teachers are all touched by the enteraction that just took place between the deep voiced Daddy Bear and the sweet voiced Baby Bear. Teacher # oh well, I don’t know which one, says, “you know just when I think that I have figured that Little Bear out he goes and does something like this and amazes me. He just rolled himself back in there with no tears and is actually excited about going back in there after having a major breakdown for an hour and half.”

Daddy Bear says it was an incredible experience. Our Little Boy is so amazing. He is experiencing the defiance that most kids do at around a year or two years old. He has realized that he doesn’t have to do what he is told. He has a choice and he is expressing that fact to everyone around him. I am so thankful that God placed those teachers in the place that he did. I know that my child is loved beyond measure by so many people. They work so patiently with my precious child teaching him not only the ABCs and 123s but about being a good person and making good choices. He is blessed, we are blessed, but most of all he IS a blessing to EVERYONE who ever has the opportunity to meet him and be a part in his life.

To be continued. . . I promise tomorrow I will make you laugh!! It just gets better!


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