Tooth Fairy

I have never had the stomach needed to pull one of my boy’s teeth. That is one thing I have relinquished to the Daddy. I can wiggle them and tell when they are ready, I can hold little hands in order to give them courage, I can cuddle, I can even handle the bleeding
that comes after the tooth is gone; but I have never had the nerve to pull one until

We went to S’ville to see my parents tonight and called in an order to Armstrong’s on the way there. We had just pulled into the parking lot to pick up our food when sweet G announced, “Will somebody pull my toof, it needs to come out.” Well, that was a shocker
because we had no idea he had a tooth ready to come out. He does have one on top that we have been watching since before
but it just isn’t ready to come out. He had told Joey earlier that he needed him to pull his tooth but Joey checked the one on top and decided that it was just not loose enough to pull. G kept pointing to his bottom teeth but “
the Daddy
aka Not the Mama” did not even
consider the possibility that a different tooth could be loose.

When I turned to look at G he had blood all over his lower lip and chin and I told “the Daddy
aka Not the Mama” ,”G does indeed have a tooth that needs to be pulled.” Daddy promptly tells me, “I have already checked that tooth and it is not ready.” However, after getting out of the van and looking at the tooth G was talking about “
the Daddy aka not the
” decided that it really did need to be pulled. Upon giving a couple of quick little tugs on the tooth his A D D kicks in and he stammers, “Well, I can’t get it to come out. Maybe you can get it out,” as he closes the door and heads into the restaurant.

Remember, I do not like loose teeth. I did not like my own loose teeth. I do not like my son’s loose teeth. I do not like loose teeth! But, my poor baby is sitting in his car seat with blood trickling down his chin with his finger in his mouth complaining, “My toof needs to be pulled!” So, like any good Mommy would, I dutifully climb into the back seat, get a tissue, grab the tooth and commence pulling. I pulled and tugged a couple of times but the tissue just kept slipping off. I finally had enough and after a brief inspection of the situation grabbed the tooth, pulled it forward, hooked my tissue covered fingernail underneath the back of the sucker and yanked it right out.

I actually squealed in delight. I tend to do that at the silliest things. It doesn’t take much to excite me. So Sweet G and I giggled and laughed and high fived each other sitting in the backseat of the van in the drive-thru of Armstrong’s Bar-b-que.

Joey returned to the van just after I had gotten the bleeding to stop. He was just in time to hear G as he declared, “Mama, you did it, You pulled my toof. If you pull one more I will give you five dollars. How bout a high five?” Oh, the joys of Motherhood. Even in things we don’t want or think we can do. S


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