Ramblings of a Blessed Mom

Life has a way of giving us unexpected moments of joy. Tonight as I sat working at my desk my boys flew through the house riding G’s plasma car. They were both scrunched up on this tiny little car, whizzing around the house, bumping into walls, doorways, cabinets and furniture all the time giggling with unbridled joy. It is times like these that make me wish they were closer to the same age. That is one thing that having my children so far apart has caused me to miss. Yes, I missed the fighting, well at least some of it but I also missed out on seeing my children play together in the yard. I have been the playmate to two “only” children of sorts. Although this was of my own choosing I find myself wondering what if we had chosen to have them closer together. There are, however, many benefits to having them so far apart. It is definitely a benefit to have my oldest be able to pick up my youngest from school. I have never been required to hire a baby sitter, and even though they are separated by almost 12 years they are definitely buddies. I also have been able to devote my undivided love and attention to them individually. I have had the privilege of snuggling up with them on cold rainy days (and warm sunny days, and cool windy days, hot summer days, snowy days, stormy days) and take long afternoon naps (my favorite pastime in case you didn’t figure it out). I have shared many late nights with my boys watching late night television. Some of my favorite memories are of watching “The Nanny, The Golden Girls, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Rosanne” with my sweet boys up into the wee hours of the night. Those late night experiences are something that have been mine alone. I am the night owl and it is then that I have had them all to myself and they have had me all to themselves. My favorite memories of my mother are of the last couple of years that I lived at home. We would sit up late into the night watching the George Burns Show. That is what I missed the most when I got married. I still find myself missing those sweet times curled up on the sofa all alone with my Mom. It was during those times that I had her all to myself. I hope my boys remember the times we have shared with the same fondness that I hold for the moments I spent with my Mom.

I am sorry but this post has taken on a life of its own and I am now blabbing about things that I didn’t intend to when I sat down to write tonight. I really intended to write about the funny things G said this night as we were practicing his sight words. So, here goes:

My Sweet G can come up with the most precious things to say at the most unexpected times. We were practicing reading his sight words tonight and as always he was being silly. He was beginning to get bored and I was getting creative with ways to keep him focused on the task at hand. We came to the word “old” and J, who was looking on, said, “this word is what Nana is.” The next word was “take” and J said, “Gramps has to (blank) Nana to the doctor.” “Cat” was the word that followed and I said, “This is what Gramps calls Nana.” Sweet G then replied with a giggle, “I love Wayman, (his gramps and my dad) everybody loves Wayman.” The boy is too funny. He uses a play on words often but this was too cute to forget.

When we came to the word “before” I said, “I loved Daddy before I loved you.” G turned to J and growled, “We are fixing to get “angly”. That is his newest favorite saying, “Look at me, I’ve got my ‘angly’ eyes on you.” He says it as he touches his eyes and then points his fingers toward you. Oh, how I do love that little boy. I think I can rest assured that there will never be a boring moment in this house as long as my two boys are around.


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