Snow Angel

Today as I stood in the hallway at school something from outside caught my attention. I turned to see what it was and became immediately mesmerized by the sight of snowflakes the size of quarters filling the air. My students looked at me with pleading eyes and I willingly told them to gather in front of the glass doors leading to the playground. Some got down on their knees while others stood quietly behind them. There were lots of whispered oooo’s, and ahh’s as we all stood there watching the frozen miracles float to the ground. It was truly a magical moment. How many people get to share such a sweet moment with 16 little darlings all at one time? Well, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar but even they don’t share it with sixteen 5 and 6 year olds.

That is one thing being placed in Kindergarten has shown me. I have learned to look for magic in everything. Their innocence is so amazing and precious. Children grow up way too soon these days. I am sure that not all of the children in my class live fairy tale lives by any means. I am sure they have their obstacles and difficulties like everyone else who lives in this world. The difference is that at 5 years old you are able to put the cares of life aside and see the beauty of the miracles unfolding around you.

My dad had the excitement of a child when it came to snow. I have never met anyone who loved snow more than him. When I was younger I thought that he loved it because he wanted me to be able to experience the magic of playing in the snow. He always arrived at my house (he and my mom were divorced) when it snowed. He always had a pair of red rubber boots with him when he knocked on the door. I never wondered if he would come. I only wondered when he would get there. We would sometimes play for a short time in the snow together before he left and sometimes he would simply deliver my boots and leave. I always felt special wearing my nice new rubber boots; a special gift from my dad.

Today on my drive home from school I started thinking about my dad. He passed away this past summer. While he was in the hospital he talked about how he hoped it would snow this winter. He was always ready for a good snow. He often wore a shirt that said “Let it Snow”. As I began to think about Daddy and the miracle of today’s snow I couldn’t help but think how much he would have loved to see and experience the snow that we were blessed with today. It was then that it hit me. I saw a clear picture of my dad standing in front of Jesus. He was saying, “Could you let it snow today?” I realized that my dad has not missed all the snow we have had this year. He has experienced it in a way that is beyond my understanding. I can’t help thinking how ironic it is that the winter after his passing we have had more snow days than we have had in many years. So with tears on my cheeks and a heart full of love I find myself wondering just how much snow we will see before this winter is over. After all, I now have my very own snow angel.



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