To Stomp or Not to Stomp

Today as I talked with a friend about our nation’s current economic problems and their effect on education I was reminded of the things in life that God has brought me through. Were they what I would have chosen if I were in control—no. Did I enjoy the pain of the journey—not at all. The first big trial in my life was about 11 years ago. My dad, had been divorced and single for 32 years, the entirety of my working memory. He had dated very little during those years that I ever knew of. When I was a child he devoted every weekend to me and me alone. He took me to movies, out to eat, skating every Saturday afternoon, and swimming in the summertime. He taught me to skate and swim from the sidelines. He was always there right on time to pick me up and returned me to my mother every Sunday around 6:00. He took me to every rodeo, fair, and circus that came to town. He was mine and I was his—alone.

He walked into my home one Saturday morning and laid a wedding chapel brochure on the kitchen counter where I stood cooking gravy for breakfast. He had met a woman only a month before and I was devastated to say the least. Our relationship changed and this time it also affected my son. He was heartbroken when his Papa Cook walked out of our lives. I remember standing in the parking lot of my church talking to a friend. I asked her, “What does God want from me?” Her answer was, “He wants you to stand right where He put you.” My reply was, “I do want to stand, I just want to stomp while I stand here.” When I look back at those days I don’t remember the pain of the situation. I remember the sweet fellowship that I had with my Lord. It was during the year that followed that I learned what it meant to trust in God.

God has brought me through infertility, the loss of two dear friends through death and many more friends during the aftermath of that tragic situation. My life has taken many twisting turns and God brought me through each and every trial stronger than I was when I went into the storm. So, I have learned to enjoy every moment that God puts me in. The future isn’t something we can control. I am so thankful that God has taught me how to stand in the midst of a storm without stomping.


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