First Day of Spring

Today was a great day. I cleaned my porch yesterday in anticipation of spending the entire day outside today. G and I sat on the porch as my Wheat-Free biscuits cooked. We ate our breakfast sitting on the sofa outside. We watched television, I worked on some things for school, and J and I were both able to stand an egg on its end (we have photos to prove it). J managed to get his egg to stand on its small end and it was sitting on the glass top of our coffee table.That was very interesting.

I am still on the porch as I am typing this blog. I have thouroughly enjoyed the first day of spring. My sweetie put up the new mailbox complete with a new post that he bought for me last night. My wonderful son T cleaned up the patio. The birds have sang their songs to me all day and the crickets have taken their place to serenade me into the night. 
I sometimes forget how much God has blessed me, but tonight as I sit here enjoying my last few minutes of my first day of porch sitting for the season I am overwhelmed at God’s blessings. He has given me the most wonderful husband to share my life with. He blessed us with two terrific boys.We are all healthy and are incredibly happy together. I have great friends who I know are there for me if I ever need them. I truly do live a sweet life.

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