I Am

I am a little girl

Ponytails and bare feet in the summertime

Bundled up in a coat with Daddy’s socks for gloves,

Shiny red boots in the winter

I am a teenager

Holding hands in the movie theater

Love’s first kiss

Whispering I love you for the first time.

I am a young woman

Standing in a wedding gown

Pledging my life to another

Scared out of my mind that forever won’t come

I am a new mother

Laying in a bed with my baby by my side

Terrified at the task that is before me

Making bottles and giving baths

Crawling around in the dark searching for a pacifier

Amazed that I can love someone else so much

I am a home school mom

Worried that I won’t be able to teach him to read

Thrilled to have the opportunity to share everyday with my son

Frustrated beyond belief at times

Looking for my wooden spoon, again

I am the parent of a special needs child

Confident that no matter what I will love my child

Humbled by the challenge God has given me

Filled with faith that God has a plan for my son

I am a wife, mother, and student

Thankful for the opportunity to learn

Anxiously awaiting graduation

Nervous about the end of another chapter in my life

Excited about what will come next

I am A

Wife of J

Mother of T and G

Sister to Bodeen, Flopsy and Snick

Daughter of W, K, and E

I am A.


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