Kids Say the Darndest Things

Anyone who has ever spent any time whatsoever with a small child knows that they can say the most precious things. Sometimes they use a word in the wrong context, mispronounce words, or just simply say whatever is on their mind. They have not learned that you shouldn’t always say what you think, or that every question does not require an answer. These are some of the funny things my children or children I know have said in the past.

Several years ago G’s preschool teacher asked, “What do you want to do?” She then named three things he had to choose from. G replied, “I don’t want to do nothing.” He had to sit in time out for that one.
 G’s walker was making noises and he told me, “Momma put some medicine on my walker.”

One of his favorite things to say during his game show network phase was, “I can’t tell you, ERNK.” (The ERNK was his attempt at immitating a buzzer.)

Recently G said, “Ms. C is not my teacher, Mrs. H is my teacher. Ms. C is just my parapro.”

G worked on letter identification several times trying to get faster each time. He only had to do it once each night but he kept trying. When he began to work on the lower case letters I just went over them with him without timing. He was so proud he said, “Daddy, I finished them all!” He didn’t realize that I had stopped timing him. He was so determined to beat his time.

G has recently been passively defiant with one of his teachers. He has come home daily telling me that she is just not being nice to him. “I am nice to her, I don’t know why she isn’t nice to me.” We were at the Chiropractor last Friday and he was talking to our Dr. about his school woes and he began to tell him about Ms. B and his objections to her determination to make him complete his work in a timely manner. He looked at Dr. P and said, “What is wrong with that woman, don’t she realize she is talkin to a man?”

Recently we were studying spring weather and made a lion craft to tie in March’s ability to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. One of my precious babies said, “Look Mrs. Norton, I made my lion embarrassed. He has temples (dimples).”


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