Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was started by McMama. You can stop by  her blog and find out she and a lot of other bloggers have NOT been doing this week. But first let me tell you all about the things that I have not been doing.

There is absolutely no way that I started my spring break off by “breaking” one of Sweet G’s vital pieces of therapy equipment. I would never take apart and clean something so expensive and important. I most certainly would NOT take it upon myself to make adjustments to the equipment in the process of cleaning it and I definitely did NOT break it while NOT doing those things. My precious husband (AKA Knight in Shining Armor) did NOT have to come to my rescue and retrieve the dislocated piece so that I could attempt to put everything back together. I most definitely did NOT spend most of the morning devoted to this one project because I have too many things to get accomplished this week to do that.

I did NOT put a hairband on my Sweet little boy to keep his “Who Hair” from tickling my nose when we snuggled on the sofa this afternoon.

We definitely have NOT lost my son’s walker in the past week. After all, in the words of a person who does not have a special needs child once asked me, “how do you loose a walker? Doesn’t he need that to walk?” If someone did take it to school because his wheelchair was left at therapy they would certainly remember to pick it up especially since the school will be locked for the rest of this week.

I definitely did NOT mistakenly think that my sons toenails were bruised from his AFOs and shoes being too tight when they were really dirty from crawling around in the floor. What kind of mother doesn’t have spotless floors?

My husband most certainly did NOT carry our 50 lb. son up the 107 steps in our town’s clocktower while on a field trip. Well, actually he did–and the fact that he is moving extra slowly the past few days is proof. He most certainly IS a great daddy!!


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