Reading Chair Makeover

I have been in a very creative mood lately. I have painted, made a slipcover for a stool, refinished a lamp, started refinishing an antique school desk (my graduation gift), and revived a frumpy old chair. I bought the chair about a year ago from a yard sale for $5.00. I thought after a little TLC it would make a great reading chair for a future classroom. Since I haven’t had an immediate need for the chair it was stored in the attic until a couple of weeks ago. I was inspired to get the chair out and give her a makeover after reading several posts on different blogs about furniture refinishing. I decided my frumpy old chair would be the perfect candidate for a blogging makeover. Here is what she looked like before:

The photo is very misleading. This chair was dirty nasty and the paint job was terrible. Someone’s idea of recovering the poor chair was to hot glue a piece of lace over the top of the cushion. It was bad but I figured if I totally messed up the chair I was only out $5.00. So, I tore all the lace off, picked off the hot glue, gave her a light sanding and a fresh coat of spray paint, recovered the seat, and voila. . . she is now a very classy lady. I am making her a custom pillow tomorrow to complete her new look. I will provide the after photo tomorrow!! I am so excited! 


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