The Reveal

It is time to reveal the beauty that was hiding underneath all the dirt and lace covering my new old reading chair. All classy ladies need accessories and my chair is no exception. I started her pillow last night. I printed the letters I was going to stencil on the front, laid them on top of some contact paper and cut them out using a craft knife. It was not until I had cut the last letter and started to peel the paper backing from the contact paper that I realized my stupid mistake. I had my contact paper upside down when I cut my letters so when I peeled the paper and stuck it to my fabric my word was going to be reversed. I was not about to start all over again so I decided to punt. I stenciled my word on my fabric and then turned it over and by using the bleed through paint as a guide was able to paint the word correctly on the other side. I let my paint dry overnight and quickly stitched up a pillow this afternoon. Now my lady is completely dressed. Here is the before and after photo so you can see just how much improvement a little make-up and a new dress can do for a lady.

I used part of a drop cloth to cover the ugly cushion that was hiding underneath the lace. I lightly sanded her and gave her a nice paint job using Satin Black spray paint and then sanded down the edges to give a peak of cream underneath. The pillow is made from drop cloth covered in burlap and I used acrylic craft paint to stencil the letters. I just love my new chair. She makes me smile every time I see her.


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