10 Uses For a Graduation Gown (Besides Graduating In It)

Okay. I bought my cap, gown, tassel, and honor cords to graduate in. Problem. I decided I don’t want to spend my entire Saturday wrapped up in a boring graduation ceremony. So, now I have this unused cap and gown. I have decided to come up with all the ways it can be used besides graduating in it. Here goes.

10)   Use it as a cape when cutting J’s hair.
  9)   Make a judges robe for G to play dress up in.
  8)   Turn it into a Harry Potter costume that T can wear to the next movie premier.
  7)   Cut it up and recover a chair with it.
  6)   Make a garden flag out of it.
  5)   Dress as a witch in it next Halloween.
  4)   Start a Goth choir.
  3)   Wear it to a funeral.
  2)   Use it as a bath robe.
  AND. . .
Number 1:

Make J a Zorro outfit and have him rescue me from myself. I always did think Zorro was cute with the mask and all.


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