One of My Favorite Days

Today was a special day. Not because it was my birthday, anniversary or a holiday. Today my sweetheart took the day off (except for a short visit to court–he was not the defendant) to spend with me. I love that more than anything else in the world. Time. We dropped Sweet G off at school, went to Home Depot for a piece of trim for a shelf I built yesterday (I forgot to count one shelf), stopped at Panera bread for my favorite bagel and drove to Chattooga County to fix a screw up someone else made on a job my husband has been working on at night. We were back home by 9:30 to straighten up the garage we have trashed the past week refinishing furniture and being creative, put the bucket seats back in the van (G graduated from the baby car seat), and headed to the Habitat for Humanity Store before getting some lunch. After lunch we made a stop at Michael’s to look around and then went to court where I almost cried I felt so sorry for this poor man that was just trying to give a poor man a home to live in when some mean inspector wrote him a NASTY ole ticket. Seriously, I could not be a judge. I did almost cry. I wanted to give the man a hug.

I found the most beautiful desk while at the habitat store. Now (as usual for me) I am second, third, fourth guessing myself. I am my own worst enemy. It is not that I do not LOVE the desk. I do. It is just HUGE. It is an antique heavy wooden desk that looks like it may have been used by an architect or advertising artist. It has a homemade light box built into one of the drawers. What can I say, I have a vivid imagination. Hey, that is it. It must have belonged to Walt Disney. He probably drew the very first cartoon of Mickey on that very desk!

I have been on this creative, organizing, drive my husband and family insane binge. I have been trying to consolidate and with all the creating I feel the walls beginning to close in on me. Like I said, I am my own worst enemy. So, now I am worrying about how the desk is going to look and fit in my den. Did I mention that the desk is MASSIVE? It is gorgeous. It has drawers on both ends and even has the little pull out teacher grading boards on both sides!! Woo Hoo! If When I get a job I am going to have the most gorgeous desk in the entire world that is unless I can’t bear to have it leave my house.

I also found a really beautiful chair that I would love, love, love to have to complete my desk ensemble but my hubby said no on that one. He quickly paid for the desk that we now don’t know how we will get home and shooed me out the door. Like I said, the chair was gorgeous and I really think that it and the desk are soul mates. I just hate being the person to keep them apart. So, sweetheart when you read this tomorrow morning will you please see if my Mom and Dad will buy the chair so we don’t have to be responsible for sentencing the desk to a life without the beautiful chair. It is so sad it reminds me of Kalija the wooden indian. Please don’t let the maiden get away.

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