Not Me Monday

This blog event was started by McMama as a way for bloggers to fess up to all the unfortunate things that happen to them. Stop by her blog to see what everyone has not been doing this week. As for me I absolutely did not spray oven cleaner in my oven and leave it to do its magic only to return home to find that my teenage son came home from work and preheated the oven. Thank goodness that did not happen. I am much too smart to spray my oven and not leave a note for others in the house to see. I also was not the reason the oven needed to be cleaned in the first place. I did not overfill a cornbread pan and watch as it overflowed into the bottom of my oven. And it most certainly has not stayed that way for at least a month. I would never leave my oven with even one spot in it.
I also did not eat two cheddar cheese sandwiches one night at 11:00. I am much too health conscious to do anything like that. If anyone tells you they saw my husband buying hot fudge Sundays and apple pies at McDonalds late one night they have mistaken him for someone else. And if it was him he most certainly was not buying one of the Sundays and apple pies for me.

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