A Perfect Afternoon

It amazes me how very little it takes for G to be thrilled beyond words. Today I was busy painting the cabinets I convinced my husband to take a sawsall to last week. (By the way I love them.) By 4:00 I was feeling like the worst Momma ever in the history of Mommas. I had told myself before summer started that I was going to devote this summer to enjoying time with my sweet little boy. I have been enjoying him thoroughly but have been letting things interfere with my plans to play outside. We recently bought G a swimming pool and filled it with water on Saturday but I have been too busy to take the time to play in it with him. Well this afternoon I thought that instead of telling myself that I would play with him tomorrow I would just drop everything and surprise him with some fun in the pool.

When I came into the living room with my swimsuit on and a towel around my neck G said, “Did you take a bath Mommy?” I told him I didn’t and his next question was, “Well, why do you have a towel around your neck?” When he discovered my intentions of taking some time to play in the pool he was ecstatic. Its just a $20 blow up pool with a few inches of water in it but to G it is perfect. We giggled and played for an hour and a half. I have a feeling I am going to spend lots of time out there from now on. Pray that my old back will hold out to carry that lug-a-bug to and from the pool and get him in and out of it without killing one or both of us. He is getting to be quite heavy and my technique from last year didn’t work quite as well for me today. I am going to have to search my brain for a better way of getting him out of the pool that won’t end up with me in traction. But even if I do kill myself it will have been worth it for just one of those sweet smiles and precious giggles along with some great pick-up lines complements of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Every woman wants to be told that she looks so good that someone would like to plant you and grow a whole field of you. It is even better when your little boy tells you that.


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