I have recently seen big changes in my Sweet G. He and I are really enjoying our time at home and are hinting to J that we would love to stay at home on a permanent basis and begin homeschooling again. There are definately benefits to G being in traditional school setting but there are also great benefits to him being at home. At home we can arrange our instructional time around bathroom breaks, can fit in some much needed time in the stander, and he gets one on one instruction for everything.

He really has become enthusiastic about learning this week. He has insisted that we do our schoolwork every day this week. We have spent time on the internet and found some cool sites for guided reading. He is a sight reader and his teachers have been very concerned about his progress. I can’t say that I haven’t been also. He has been able to read individual words when presented to him but when they are used in a sentence he has trouble distinguishing the individual words. This week he has really blown me away. We have been visiting one website in particular and he has been reading a story with many chapters. There are words he doesn’t know but when I tell him once or twice what the word is he usually remembers it. He reads at a good even rate and reads with expression. I have been very impressed by his progress and his desire.

He was sitting in my lap reading from the computer one morning and I had an opportunity to really look at him. He has lost almost all of the little boy look. He is a big, grown up, 7 year old. We have let his “Who Hair” grow until it is no longer Who Hair. It is the most beautiful shade of brown and is so soft and silky. He has all four of his front permanent teeth which really give him the big boy look. His nose is sprinkled with wonderful little freckles of all sizes and shapes and he has beautiful eyes that to my complete satisfaction once again dance at the sight of me. I love being that little boy’s MommaWife. There is nothing like the love of a mother and her son. Having them look into my eyes with total adoration, trust, and contentment has been the most wonderful thing I will ever experience in life. It is at those times that I have felt the most loved, needed, and accepted.

How much I long to be able to recapture just one day from the past with each of my boys. Would I choose a day when as a baby T would slip his tiny hand into my shirt and hold onto my bra strap to ensure he would wake up when I tried to lay him in his bed? Or would I choose a spring day when T was two or three and saying and doing so many funny things? A day of leisurely reading and spending time in the swing or a night laying on the deck watching a meteor shower? The day of their first smiles, first belly laughs, first steps?Honestly I would not be able to choose which day to relive and one day would never be enough. That is why God gives us memories and why I choose to write this blog. I can’t go back to relive one moment of the past but I have all these stories to read and remember my boys and the times when I was the center of their world.


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