Peggy’s of Rome

Tonight my husband was telling me about a joke someone told him at work today. The joke was something this man heard when he was a young boy riding in the car with two older men. As they passed a house located directly across from the Rome Fair Grounds the men began talking about the house and a sign that was once posted on the door to the “establishment”. The joke was not what interested me but the history of the house immediately caught my full attention. The house was a bothel run by a woman named Peggy Stone Sneed from what little I was able to find out online. It was well known not only locally but is said to have been known worldwide. Supposedly the house was in business for 40+ years and was very successful.

Peggy was not only a beauty but a shrewd business woman who attained a lot of wealth from her business. It is said that she ran a clean, safe house and guaranteed the health of her girls. Law enforcement supposedly knew all about Peggy’s and looked the other way. I even found a copy of an add for Peggy’s in an annual from Georgia Tech from the 1960’s (i think 1964). I found all of my information at Peggy’s House.

I am always curious about old stories from the past and the way things were in a different time than the one we were born into. I would love to see a photo of Peggy and hear more stories about her. If anyone has any information or photos on this subject I would be very interested in hearing them. I am working on a lead to find more information and intend to pursue this matter further.


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