Writer’s Block

For a while I was pretty consistent with my blog. I had lots to write about and sometimes found it hard to decide which thing to write about. I have recently found myself in sort of a writing drought so to speak. To be truthful I have been in a personal drought as well which probably explains the lack of inspiration in writing. It isn’t that Sweet G has not provided me with things to blog about because believe me he has been in rare form lately. I have simply been hormonal and in a state of depression over the passing of summer, my boys heading off to school, no job prospects, and a house remodel to top it all off.

I am still finding it hard to pin down exactly what it is that my blog is all about. Most blogs have a distinct purpose and I can’t seem to find one for mine. I suppose it is a place for me to record my thoughts and feelings as well as document all the funny things G adds to my life.

The truth is that this blog is a great representation of my personality. I am a Gemini. The sign of the twins. I don’t put a lot of stock in the whole astrology thing but I must admit that the description of a Gemini does fit me pretty well. I am very inquisitive, have a wide variety of interest, change my mind often and am sometimes totally unpredictable. I flip flop from one extreme to the other in lots of areas. I play devil’s advocate to myself very often to the point of near insanity. I guess that is what has been up with my recent mood. I need to make decisions about flooring and even more serious things like the direction my life is going and I have been in shut down to avoid making any decision for fear of making the wrong ones.

So, maybe I am beginning to move out of my current depressed state and into a better state of mind. For now I will continue my current reading and word game obsessions and wait for the flip of my personality to emerge so that I can resume writing again.


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