by: Andrea Norton

I don’t care if you have money
or if you’re very poor.
Those things do not control whether
I knock upon your door.

I do not care about your race.
I choose the homes that I will grace.
When I decide where I will go
I don’t have to let anyone know.

Boy or girl short or tall,
I don’t care I like them all.
To each one I am unique,
You can hide but i will seek.

Sometimes you cannot see me
because i choose to hide.
But I am always lurking
hiding deep inside.

At other times I boldly stand
for everyone to see.
You don’t have to give me money
I will come to you for free.

No one truly wants me
to come into their lives.
But I don’t consider feelings
when I choose where I’ll arrive.

Most people are afraid of me
and stare when I am near.
Some choose to look the other way
while others like to snear.

Those who know me know me well.
And they are not afraid.
They stand their ground where i’m concerned
their courage is not swayed.

I’m really not that scary
if you spend some time with me.
I make those who I live with
strong as any old oak tree.

You may wonder who I am
That is easy as can be
If you read between the lines
You’ll see I am disability.


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