When a Man Loves a Woman

Tonight I read a beautifully written post of an old friend. He is a worrier by his own definition and has recently been dealing with an issue that has had him turning himself inside out with agonizing concern; concern for someone who is dearer to him than his own life. As I read the post through my tears of joy at the life my friend has been blessed to live I couldn’t help thinking of a recent conversation I had with Sweet G.


We were laying on his bed resting one afternoon this week when he suddenly asked out of the blue, “Momma, why did Uncle Phil not want Granny to date Ed?” (Fresh Prince characters) I responded to his question telling him that Uncle Phil’s dad had died shortly before and although his mother was lonely and was ready to spend time with someone else Uncle Phil was jealous of someone spending time with his mother. I asked G if he understood and his responses let me know he did not.


I decided he needed a more personal example to help him understand. I said, “Well, G, if something happened to Mommy and she died would you want Daddy to go on a date with another woman?” His speedy reply was, “Nothin’s gonna happen to you.” Okay, that didn’t work so I decided to reverse the scenario. “If something happened to Daddy and he died would you be jealous if Mommy went on a date with someone else?” G’s answer to this question was, “No, because if something happens to Daddy you are going to marry me.”


My first point is that in his childish mind he can’t even consider that God would allow anything to happen to the dearest person in his life. He has total faith in God. As he lies in bed at night he doesn’t toss and turn worrying about whether or not God is going to protect him and his loved ones. He has yet to be touched by the cares of this world and remains totally free from the worries that most of us struggle with.


The second point that I see between the blog of my friend and the views of my Sweet G is this: their love for the most important woman in their life. For Sweet G I am still the most important woman in his world but someday in the future that will change and he will fall in love with someone who he will spend the rest of his life with. I pray that Sweet G and T will both find the love for a woman that my friend has for his beautiful wife. That kind of love is rare. I am blessed to say that I know exactly how my friend feels because I have shared that same kind of love with my Precious J for the past 28 years (26 married). In the end it doesn’t matter how much money you make or what kind of lifestyle you live. The most important thing in life is love–to love and to be loved. That is my prayer for my boys.



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