Monday All Day Long

Why is it that Mondays usually end up being the hardest day of the week? My Monday began at 3:00 a.m. I was awakened by the sound of G’s screams coming from the monitor. I jumped out of bed and sprinted through the house like a mad woman thinking that the worst thing possible was taking place in my son’s room. I opened the door to discover him lying in the floor where he had fallen out of the bed. I picked him up and climbed into his bed. I sent my poor husband to retrieve my pillows from our bedroom as I snuggled into bed between a monkey, a stuffed jalapeno and a snotty nosed little boy. I stayed there the rest of the night.
During school today I made Sweet G laugh so hard he peed his pants all because I was looking for a video on Teacher Tube. For some reason the name Teacher Tube struck him as hilarious!! I love to hear his giggles fill the air but don’t feel quite the same way about the loss of bladder function that come with them sometimes.
I did not eat anything until almost 4:00. I just got busy and forgot to eat which I really should do more often. And to finish my day off I spilled almost an entire Route 44 Dr. Pepper all over my shoes and into my husband’s man purse (work bag). Seriously, I had to ride all the way across town with one of my feet covered in cold and sticky Dr. Pepper. That was not a fun experience. Who needs 44 ounces of Dr. Pepper anyway? I must be crazy! I wonder how many calories is in 44 ounces of Dr. Pepper. I just looked it up and just for future reference it has 550 calories in it. Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing that it ended up soaked into the carpet of Joey’s truck instead of stuck around my waistline. . . hummmm something to think about.


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