My husband had a conference to attend in Savannah earlier this week and G and I went along for the trip. After riding in the car for 5+ hours we were told we would have to wait an hour and a half for our room to be ready. So, since we were on Bay Street we decided to walk to River Street to pass the time. Those of you who have never visited Georgia’s loveliest city won’t know that River Street is paved with cobblestones. They aren’t even true cobblestones. They are paved from the stones that ships used as ballast on the trip across the Atlantic. Big change from today. Back then we were the exporters (cotton) but now all the ships are empty when they leave and you can tell cause they sit higher in the water on the way out than on the way in. So, anyway back to the story. Being paved with cobblestones makes Savannah a non-handicapped friendly place to go. Poor G was banged and battered around in his seat the entire time we were there. Thank goodness he has such a sweet spirit and doesn’t complain.

After walking around on River Street (they have added tabby sidewalks and some brick sidewalks that still aren’t optimal for wheelchairs) we were ready to get into our room. I guess I should say that G and I were ready to get into the room. After getting our room keys we headed upstairs so that G and I could get settled while J went to get our bags. We immediately turn down the covers and climb into the beds. G in one and me in the other. Since I wore jeans and didn’t have my jammies yet I just took my jeans off and lay them across the foot of the bed before getting under the covers.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is watching you or that you are somehow exposed? Well, I look up and realize that I can see into the hallway. When my precious husband left the room to go 6 floors down to get our bags he left the door to our room wide open. Here I am looking down the hall and around the corner thinking okay now what do I do. I think and probably said aloud, “surely he didn’t just leave the door open and leave knowing that I am half dressed in the bed which is plainly visible from the hallway.” I call his name. No answer. I begin to look around for a way out of this situation. I spot my jeans casually thrown across the end of my bed. To get them I have to raise up and become totally visible from the hallway. I listen and hear nothing. The coast is clear. I stretch forward, snatch my jeans, jump out of bed and out of view of the hallway to put them on which required me to touch the hotel room floor with my bare feet which I DO NOT do!!!! I then stomp across the room and close the door.

That man, if I didn’t love him it sure would be hard to live with him. Well, I do love him and it is still hard to live with him sometimes! But if you ask him I am sure he will tell you that I give as good as I get!! ; )


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