Yeah Baby it was a Great Halloween

Halloween has become a fun and important event at our house over the past 6 years. With Sweet G requiring his wheelchair in order to trick or treat we decided to be creative and incorporate it into his costume each year. I can’t take full credit for the idea. I found a beautiful YouTube video of a young girl with Cerebral Palsy years ago. I was mesmerized by her gorgeous smile and the pure joy radiating from the faces of the people surrounding her in the video. I watched it countless times for inspiration and cried tears of fear and joy and hope every time. There were many different scenes in the video when this little girl would be inside a riding toy or what I thought them to be. While watching it one day I noticed something that I never had before. The toys were not toys at all they were Halloween costumes that covered her wheelchair. A chariot for Cinderella, the Yellow Submarine, a Volkswagen bus. I was so inspired by this family and the love they have for their child. Her name is Alex and she is now a young woman. I found this out by following her dad’s YouTube page. I emailed him and asked about the Halloween costumes and he graciously found and sent me pictures of all the costumes he could. That was the start of our tradition of creating costumes for G’s chair to complement the costume he is wearing.
He has been a hippy in a Volkswagen bus, a drummer with a complete drum set, the Good Humor Ice Cream Man, Frankenstein in his Haunted House, and this year he chose to be Moby in the Morning. This is the third time he has chosen what he wanted to be and I must admit it was adorable. He went through the neighborhood broadcasting the “Moby in the Morning at Night Show (his own words).” He sang as we walked along and said “Yeah Baby” at least a hundred times. It was a great Halloween. And just in case you wondered he kept his treats inside his turntable. The bag thing is always a problem so I came up with the idea of attaching a box to his desk to hold his treats. It worked like a charm. And now without further adieu I give you my little Moby in the Morning:
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