The Tapestry

I see a beautiful tapestry lovingly crafted stitch by stitch. Along the way as the artist is creating the piece things happen that damage the beautiful needlework. The first stain comes when it is laid carelessly onto a table with a splash of soda. A second when someone picks it up with soiled hands. The third time it slips out of the sewing basket it rests in and onto the floor where it lies unseen until someone steps on it. Many little accidents happen to this tapestry during the extended time that it takes the creator to complete the work. When the tapestry is finally finished and the last stitch is tied off the creator lovingly picks up the tapestry and washes away the evidence of all those things that lessened it’s beauty.

The tapestry is used. Years pass and it begins to fade. There are places where the stitching has been worn away by hands that couldn’t resist touching its magnificent surface. The edges have frayed in several areas due to circumstances that have torn away at it’s beauty.

Finally the tapestry is folded, tucked away in a box and stored in the attic. Time passes as the tapestry lays forgotten until someone decides to clean the attic. The box is discovered. As the box is opened the beauty of the tapestry is revealed. Dust covers it’s surface. Time and heat from the attic have faded it’s once brilliant colors. The person who found it is immediately taken with its beauty and they quickly take it to be repaired. When the restorer looks at the piece He says, “This is a masterpiece. To repair it would take away from it’s value. Changing just one stitch or tear would totally deminish it’s worth. The value of a piece like this is in it’s age and with the passing of time things are going to happen that change it from it’s original state. Those things don’t mean that the tapestry isn’t beautiful. For if you look at the whole tapestry instead of looking so closely at the few flaws you will appreciate the precision work of the creator and the intricacy of the entire piece. No, it is not what it was at the beginning. It has been loved and touched by many and that gives it all the more valule.”

Life is like that tapestry. It is woven over time. We have many experiences and are touched by countless people along the way. We are loved and give love in return. Things happen throughout our lives that tear away at our edges and at times we fear that we are damaged beyond repair. When we focus on one event over all the others we begin to loose hope and feel that all is lost. We have to step back and look at the big picture, the entire journey. It is imperative that we trust that our Creator knows what He is doing.  Only when we humble ourselves and lay at His feet can He begin to work. If we do, He will pick us up, clean away the sin, hold us lovingly in His hands and resume the work of completing His masterpiece.


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